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January 30, 2009 0

Gmail S/Mime Icons

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I’m a big fan of Gmail and I’m a big fan of S/MIME for securing your email. Unfortunately, the current state of S/MIME on web-based email is currently quite sad. There is a Firefox extension which allows you to send signed/encrypted messages from Gmail by Richard Jones and Sean Leonard. (called Gmail S/MIME, surprisingly enough) […]

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January 19, 2009 0

MDC Detroit: The PDC on wheels!

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In a couple of days (this Thursday, January 22nd) I’ll be heading up to Detroit, Michigan for the MSDN Developer Conference as it makes its way through the heartland. But not only will I be attending, my colleague Jeff Hunsaker and I have the great pleasure of speaking at the MDC! We will be introducing […]


January 6, 2009 17

Announcing jQuery.Firebug

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I have been sitting on my latest jQuery plugin for some time now. Although I realize that the code is not yet of production quality and there are certainly bugs and features that remain to be addressed, I’ve decided that I should at least release this plugin to the wild. At the very least, I […]

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