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March 10, 2010 2

Google Analytics Tagging with HTML5 data-* Attributes

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Imagine if you will, a page with a significant amount of dynamic page elements. For instance, a slide-out panel containing a number of ‘panes’ containing topical information on various ‘factors’. Let’s assume that once this slide-out is open, we wish the user to be able to jump from factor to factor (similar to a slideshow) […]

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March 6, 2010 1

OpenID: Redirects and Delegation

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The Introduction I’m a big fan of OpenID. I like the fact that my online (public) identity is associated with a URL that I own. This affords quite a few benefits, such as associating my public profile at various networks with one another. Even better, OpenID supports the delegation of identifiers to OpenID Providers. This […]