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Userscripts, Userstyles and Ubiquity

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A while ago I described how to merge two git repositories into one. I discovered how to do this as I was attempting to consolidate a number of git repositories that I have on GitHub. Previously, I had a separate git repository for each user script, user style and ubiquity command that I’ve written. It was getting unmanageable so I decided to create a single git repository for my user scripts, another for my user styles, and a third for my ubiquity commands. You can now find my them all on GitHub.


[GitHub repository]

adds ‘Tweet’ links to articles in your Instapaper queue. [install from Userscripts.org]
auto-submits the Instapaper Add form when loaded via Google Reader’s Send To Instapaper action. [install from Userscripts.org]
adds ‘Radbox’ links to articles in your Instapaper queue. [install from Userscripts.org]
TreasuryDirect Login
makes the password field editable so that you can use the keyboard to log in. [install from Userscripts.org]


[GitHub repository]

Gmail – Icons for S/Mime Messages
adds icons to messages in Gmail which have been digitally signed or encrypted using S/MIME. [install from Userscripts.org]
Tab Notifier
highlights any open Gmail, Google Reader, Google Voice, and Facebook tab when there are unread items. [install from Userscripts.org]

Ubiquity Commands

[GitHub repository]

easily claim URLs under your ClaimID account. [install from GitHub]
easily add items to a Wishlistr wishlist. [install from GitHub]

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